One of the oldest active production and distribution companies in the Midwest, Questar Entertainment, Inc. is a content provider of films, television series, documentaries and digital media. Programs produced by Questar have reached over 90 million homes. Questar is committed to content accessibility to all audiences, most recently through digital platforms such as Netflix, iTunes and Hulu.


For distributors, Questar offers a wide array of programming available for sublicensing from its library of more than 5,000 titles covering a broad range of family-friendly subjects including travel, popular culture, U.S. and world history, wildlife, children's programming, and inspirational videos.


For filmmakers, Questar offers the production and distribution partnership required to make films accessible to audiences.


Albert J. Nader
In memoriam
Jonathan Plowman
President & CEO
Josh da Silva
Vice President
Bruce Scivally
Vice President, New Dimension Media
Terry Gomez
Finance and Operations
Ryan Nahigian
Questar Direct Manager
William Mallek
Producer & Video Editor
Craig Patno
Amanda Elliott
TV and Film Marketing Manager
Marissa Harrington
Multimedia Designer & Digital Delivery Specialist
Ksenia Ivanova
Director & Producer of Original Content
Felicia Ferrara
Director of Development